9" x 12" TripLOK Tamper-Evident Bags, 500 per Carton


15" x 20" TripLOK Tamper-Evident Bags, 250 per Carton

12" x 16" TripLOK Tamper-Evident Bags, 500 per Carton

The Highest-Performing Security Bag in Banking
TripLOK sets the standard for security and Fed compliance. Its patented features help reduce losses from theft while at the same time improving efficiency of your vault and cash transport operations.

Size: 12" x 16"
Capacity: 2000 notes/2 bundles
Series: D
Qty: 500/Carton

Unit of Measure: Carton
As low as $142.04
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1. High visibility void message reveals tampering attempts
2. Special thermochromic ink turns red when subjected to heat
3. Patented triple-seal closure with interior adhesive leaves no openings once sealed
4. Security micro perforation immediately reveals attempts to pull closure up
5. Anti-static liner does not cling to hands and clothes, speeding up processing
6. Aqua detect ink reveals exposure to fluid
7. Large serial numbers and barcodes for easy tracking via CCTV
8. Security micro printing and indented side welds preventing cut and resealing

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