Cassida 3300 Automatic Counterfeit Detector

The Cassida 3300 is a fully automatic counterfeit detector that catches 100% of counterfeits, including bleached bills ($100, $50, $20 counterfeits printed on real $1 or $5 bills). Combining optical image analysis and IR (infrared), metal thread, and magnetic ink detection, even the most sophisticated forgeries are no match for the 3300.
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The Cassida 3300 is a quick, compact and easy way to verify the authenticity of money. This counterfeit detector / scanner can detect the dollar value of the bill being fed through it. It will scan the bill for various counterfeit detection measures and lets you know if the bill is legitimate. This detector does not require any special training and is easy to set up and use.

­Easy to use

The 3300 does not require users to have bill authentication knowledge. It instantly recognizes the bill’s denomination, verifies authenticity, and displays detailed information on the large LCD screen. The 3300 also emits a distinct audible alert when a counterfeit is detected.

­Advanced detection

Currency counters with detection features only have UV or MG detection. The Cassida 3300 goes much further by also checking for infrared marks, the most advanced security feature on U.S. bills and the one that is not known to have been counterfeited. 

Counterfeit Shield Guarantee

Cassida’s state of the art technology will protect you against any counterfeits made anywhere in the world. Cassida backs that promise with the Counterfeit Shield Guarantee: Cassida will reimburse you the full face value of the counterfeit bill should your detector accept it as genuine.

The 3300 is the smallest detector on the market, allowing it to fit almost anywhere. Users can choose to eject authenticated bills through either front or rear slots, further reducing its operating footprint.

Dimensions: 4.75”w x 2.75”h x 5.25”d
Currency Accepted: US dollar, Canadian dollar, Euro, British pounds, Japanese yen
Currency Detection: Infrared security marks, magnetic ink, color spectrum analysis.
Verification Speed: Less than 1 second/bill
Display Type: High-resolution LCD
Power Source: 110V/60Hz
Weight: 1.1 lbs

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