Coin Wrap/Bill Strap Rack, Single level

This Coin Wrap/Bill Strap Rack is an efficient way to organize currency wrappers or straps. This single level design offers six compartments where you can store different denominations of bill straps or coin wrappers. The top flat tray area is ideal for storage or placing strapped notes, wrapped coins, pens, paper clips, or other counting supplies. Keep your bill straps or coin wraps better organized and accessible with this coin wrap or bill strap organizer rack for a decluttered space and mind.

  • Pebble Beige
  • Strong metal design is sturdy and durable.
  • Rubber feet on bottom make it skid-proof and won't scratch surfaces.
  • Keeps currency wraps or bill straps organized.
  • Metal rack with tray.
  • 6 Compartments to hold an assortment of bill straps or coin wraps.
Unit of Measure: EA
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