CoinLok 12x25 Carton of 250 Clear Security Bag

The World's First (And Strongest) Plastic Coin Bag

Used every day by major armored couriers and banks, CoinLOK provides the convenience of a single-use bag while matching the strength of many reusable bags. CoinLOK fits all major coin
counters and sorters, improving efficiency and security of your coin processing.

Size: 12" x 25"
Material: Clear
Capacity: 50 lbs of coin
Qty: 250/Carton

Unit of Measure: CT
In stock
1. Meets VPC (Vault Process Certification) standards for security and performance
2. Exceptionally strong construction that virtually eliminates breakage
3. Tamper-resistant closure with ultra-strong adhesive for security in transit
4. Reinforced die-cut handle with triple-ply film withstands 100 lbs. stretch test
5. Low slip surface for easy stacking
6. High visibility Fed-compliant barcodes for easy scanning
7. Large serial numbers for easy tracking via CCTV
Fed-required labeling and writing areas