Epson Check Scanner Cleaning Card featuring Waffletechnology®

This product is designed to remove contaminates from the lenses, MICR read heads and pathways. 15/box.
Unit of Measure: BX
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This Waffletechnology® cleaning card was developed specifically for Epson Check Scanner as the only preventive maintenance cleaning card on the market that can properly clean and maintain this equipment. This product cleans as it is being transported through the paper path, cleaning the sensitive magnetic heads, lenses and transport rollers. This check scanner cleaning card was engineered to Epson's specifications and carries their approval and endorsement. Use this product once per week or after 2,000 checks scanned. When inserted it will:

  • Clean the optical scanner lenses
  • Clean the check pathways
  • Clean the check transport belts and rollers

Use as:

  • A scheduled maintenance product to prevent poor check scans
  • An emergency maintenance product to correct failed scans

How Waffletechnology ® Works

The cleaning waffles are flexible, raised platforms that allow the card to clean previously unreachable areas within the equipment.