Bankmart Rejoins the CONTROLTEK Family

Your favorite bank supply store, Bankmart, is now again a part of CONTROLTEK, the most respected brand in bank security products.

Bankmart has been a wholly owned subsidiary of CONTROLTEK since the beginning.  But we decided to combine the two brands into one single online store in order to simplify our operations, which should result in better service for you.  The pricing will remain the same, and our fast delivery will remain just as fast.  In fact, thanks to the better efficiency on our part, you may even see faster delivery and better pricing.

CONTROLTEK is best known for its tamper-evident packaging – the brands like TripLOK, SafeLOK and CoinLOK are used by some of the largest financial and government institutions in the world.  During its 41 year history, CONTROLTEK has proven itself as the company that stands for solutions that protect and people that deliver, something that is reflected in the company’s guiding motto.

What changes can you expect in the service you get from Bankmart?  Other than a new logo at the top of our website, not much…  Your ordering process will remain the same, your billing will remain the same… If you are used to talking to the same customer service representative, he or she is still here…  And your favorite products are exactly where you are used to finding them.  But going forward, as we make our operations more efficient, we hope to pass the savings on to you, and make our already quick delivery even quicker.

We are confident you will like this new joining of the forces.  Thank you for your continued business, and we look forward to a new, exciting chapter in our business relationship.

Your Bankmart/CONTROLTEK Team